Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Great Kieranski and the Bardbuy av Cate Mara

Cate Mara har skrivit en bok för pojkar:The Great Kieranski and the Bardbuy. Det handlar om äventyr, en gnutta magi och konsten att vara stark fast man är liten och mobbad. Ett tips för alla engelskspråkiga pojkar:

It is the last day of the summer holiday before school starts again and the self-named Great Kieranski is determined to have an adventure even if he has to invent one! Joined by his crew of best mates they use recent events as a reason to save their town from aliens, bullies and the evil Bardbuy.

Kieran, an opinionated country boy who loves his town, friends, and family with a fierce pride, tells the story of their last day. Obsessed by magic, the local bully, and being part of a crew, he reveals the triumphs and trials of friends and enemies through their encounters. He explains why kids sometimes tell lies, start fights, and even deal with girls, as his crew saves the town from the monster that lives by the creek. During their adventures the boys support each other, help others, and Kieran even develops an inkling of why the local bully is a bully. This is a MG chapter book aimed at the boy reader.

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