Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sonoma Wine Garden in Santa Monica

If you get to pick only one restaurant when visiting Santa Monica, Californa, then please, let it be Sonoma Wine Garden at the top of the Santa Monica Place at the third street. Great views, GREAT waiters (thank you Lauren, Ali, Zac and Kayla for making our time with you so much fun and tasty!)and an amazing menu. Don´t miss the Austrian Kaiserschmarrn, a sort of fluffy pancake/soufflé with apples, raisin and cinnamon. To die for!( I have had this meal in Austria and Sonoma´s schmarrn is even better than the real thing!)

Sonoma´s Sunday-brunch made me all giggly. How cool to have Champagne for breakfast! ;-) Lovely Pizzas, caprese sandwiches and all sorts of other good stuff is on the menu!

I´ll say it once more; Do me a kindness, DON´T miss Sonoma. There.

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