Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Month- New Horoscopes (Don´t miss!)

I was so happy to see that the April horoscopes have already been posted when I woke up this morning. And it is looking good! I always read my sunsign, Sagittarius, and ascendent-sign, Leo. Both of them promises end of delays and a quick move-on when it comes to career. Finally!

Sag´s first sentences in the April 2012 horoscope from the one and only Susan Miller:

"What a sensational change in events! When it comes to your career, you must have been feeling like you were walking through glue in recent months. No matter how you tried, it was nearly impossible for you to make progress, as other people whose approvals you needed were either unreachable, indecisive, or confused about whether or not to take the next step with you."

And Leo´s:

"This month may bring landmark news for your career. Indeed, much of the promise that Jupiter, planet of good fortune, portends for your career in 2012 may be delivered in late April or early May."

Thank you Ms Miller! I am printing this and bringing to the breakfast table right away. I can´t wait to see some MOVEMENT, ACTION, KABOOM!

A very good morning to all of you!


  1. Dags att kolla in framtidens möjligheter för april. Härligt! Kram!

  2. Jag blev så glad att hon postade astrot så snabbt! Kändes verkligen som jag behövde höra lite positiva saker!Och snabbt! Den här månaden har verkligen varit rekordseg... Kram!


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