Wednesday, December 7, 2011

America- you´ve got mail

I´ve sent an email to San Fransisco today. No, not a manuscript, just a query. I am thinking big and America is the only land to go big, in my opinion. There are Swedes out there, you know. Swedes who might be able to help. Actually, not only in America, but in Europe. They might be hiding in sales-departments, working away at assistant editor´s offices or just hanging around the right kind of kidlit-crowd that I need, but they are out there. So I pressed the send-button and now I wait.


  1. wow, menar du att din berättelse är på engelska?

  2. Det låter otroligt spännande! Särskilt eftersom jag tänkt precis de där tankarna själv :) Keep me posted!

  3. Katarina och Anneli- Återkommer med info och lite tankar angående det här inlägget SNART. :-)


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