Friday, December 2, 2011

Astrological forecast December 2011- What does the future hold for you?

Oh yes, dear friends! It is a new month and a new astrological forecast waits at Astrologyzone. I have studied astrology for the past ten years and love it! A month without Susan Millers great and FREE forecast would be tragic. As I said before I never send out a manuscript without checking with the stars. If it was good enough guidance for kings and queens in the old days, it is good enough for me…

Right now we are facing Mercury in retrograde. During that time it is never wise to sign contracts or make important purchases. Why? Because circumstances seem to change as Mercury moves direct again at the 13th of December. What you also might start to notice is that people and things from the past might come back during this time. So the only exception to signing contracts or buying expensive items would be if you actually re-signed with a an earlier publisher, former boss or re-bought your favorite car.

I can tell you a funny story to get the idea. A few years ago when I lived in Spain I had gone for an interview with a company. They wanted to hire me.  An astrologer pointed out for me the fact that maybe things weren´t as they seemed and that I should try to sign the papers later, with Mercury in direct mood. I ignored it. (Nonsense!) and signed the papers. As it turned out, not only did my new boss change the location of my office but he also changed the salary. (Yes, long live Spain and el derecho laboral….) I quit, naturally. End of story.

As many of you might know, a natal horoscope is divided into 12 houses, where each house represents a part of your life, such as love, work, fame, money etc. Depending on where Mercury is in your chart you can see an indication in what part of your life will be affected in terms of Mercury. Will a former lover get back in touch or money that you expected since a long time, suddenly show up? The possibilities are numerous.

There are more interesting things to come this month too; Jupiter (expansion and happiness) and Uranus (planet of surprises) are moving direct. It should really get things going!

Yup! Jag tror ni alla förstod! Har ni koll på era horoskop?
Happy December to all of us!

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