Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chasing Butterflies by Harry Toews


There are certain tricks to master if you want to be a successful self-published author on Amazon: create a killer e-book and give you readers the chance to interact with you and leave reviews on a smashing web page or blog. 

Harry Toews has got it all! Not only did he just release the first part in his children´s books series, Little Life Lessons, but his website is to die for. I am betting a whole lot of children (and adults) will fall in love with his witty way of introducing his books and himself.

Now, to the book, Chasing Butterflies, the first in the Little Life Lessons series. Harry Toews has a thing for magic. As a child he lived in many places of the world and always looked for monsters and fairies. In Chasing Butterflies, we meet Sophia and Matteo who explore the wonders of their grandmother's enchanting rose garden in the search for magic. The story not only contains fun, magic and adventure but also important moral life lessons. It is clear that Harry Toews already has a following. Great reviews have been published on Amazon as well as on his webpage. I´ll be sure to follow this new author as well.

Do you want to find out more about Harry and his upcoming books? Head on over to his gorgeous webpage Little Life Lessons.

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