Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Synopsis-Book three

I am writing a sequel. A trilogy for children (ages 9-12) based on fiction and Swedish history. I am both happy and a little bit confused about what to do after I finish this, the third part. The series has been on my mind since the end of year 2004 and that´s a long-term relationship. But no need to cry before the book is actually finished. Now I still got work to do.

Right now I am on the synopsis-part of what is the writing-project. That means that, although I have a fair deal of knowledge of where I want to go with my story, I am completely open to whatever comes to me in terms of inspiration. I am deliberately browsing the internet for keywords related to my ideas. I am watching movies, reading books, articles and even blogs around the clock to get my creativity going.  It is during this search for inspiration and ideas that I casually ask my husband what he think would be the best; a duchess or a minister as one of the main characters? My husband´s reply will then be the same; what´s the context? And that´s usually where I look at him, numb. The truth is that I don’t have the context outlined until very late into writing. Instead I go with the flow as inspiration leads to scenes in my head. The scenes I feel most strongly about are written down along with hundreds of other scenes that will be added together like a giant puzzle in the end. If I miss a piece, obviously, I am in trouble. I read in an interview with the Twilight-author that she seem to be working  in the same kind of manner, trusting dreams and intuition, that felt soothing in some twisted way.

Last year a publisher caused me quite a lot of grief and confusion as she pointed out some pretty good remarks about my second book. I had nearly finished the book (I thought) and I was looking forward to celebrating Christmas knowing that my book was finished. But, oh no. Instead of sipping eggnog in front of the fireplace, the holidays turned into a complicated search for the missing bits of puzzle. After twisting and turning my manuscript, I realized that a new beginning had to be added. Needless to say, that kind of change to a manuscript of several hundred pages really puts your love for the story to the test.

It took me until August this year to add the changes, twist the plot and finish the book.  (But I should mention that it did not happen without dozens of breakdowns, serious doubts and just a plain urge to burn the project directly on my lawn.) Thanks to my good husband, great coffee and a just a wee bit too much of imagination I am now able to leave that experience behind me and start the writing of the third book.

It would be great if I could avoid repeating the past years struggle. So far I have filled 16 pages with ideas and one or two scenes. I know that my book will be related to music in the 1800-century and yesterday I found some great ideas on Google. Let me tell you one; The Mozart effect.
Att skriva en barnboks-serie är helt underbart och helt hemskt i vissa stunder. Det är underbart när man håller två av tre färdiga manus i sin hand och fortfarande känner sig nöjd över storyn. Det är hemskt när stora förlag ringer och ger hopp om publicering för att sedan dra sig tillbaka. Men nu är del ett och två ute och bekantar sig med förläggare tillsammans. Kanske kan de hålla varandra i handen och visa att två är starkare än en? Under tiden lyser flitens lampa när jag arbetar med den tredje och sista delen i serien.

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