Thursday, January 24, 2013

Uniquity´s feather earrings

Uniquity is coming your way....

When in L A last year, everyone kept telling me about the feather-earrings-must-haves. Lucky for me a newfound friend sent me a really cool feather earring she had bought at the Coachella Festival. And, yes, my American querida was right! Suddenly I saw the earrings everywhere! Such a celeb trend!

Just now, I found this cool site, Uniquity, where there are several nice designs and colors to chose between. I am getting ready for summer already and will probably go for something really colorful this time. Are you a bride to be, why not do it the Indian way this summer? Or just give them to your bridesmaids as a funky gift for the upcoming summerparties!
What are you waiting for, go visit Uniquity now! This earring below makes me think of angelwings and the other ones in the strong pink/orange/brown... So cool!




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