Sunday, November 27, 2011

The attitude of Gratitude

Last night my husband took me to dinner. Although I knew where we were going he gave me a huge surprise when we entered the restaurant. On the table were a vase with 35 white roses and a handwritten small chalkboard with our special menu for the evening. It turns out that not only did my husband take me out to dinner but he had sat down with the chef and sommelier to choose the right champagne and wine to go with the menu. Wow! My husband is a true romantic and he always manages to give me surprises like that. (There are pictures and I will post them as soon as I get them from my husband’s Iphone. He is travelling for work today and I won’t see him until Friday, so be patient. )
As I was walking with the dogs this morning it hit me how blessed I am. I have practiced the attitude of gratitude for a long time, some days more than others, but nevertheless, always saying thanks for what I have got in my life.  When the movie” The Secret” became a famous all around the world, I saw it and started practicing the gratitude part. At first I did it just for a week, as a test, since I was skeptic.  During that week I decided to just push away all other thoughts and concentrate on a mental list of things I was grateful about. It was really hard work in the beginning. I had to correct myself all the time the first days but as the week went along I started to feel so good when I focused on all the good that I decided to make it my new habit. One of the side effects from this habit is that all good things given, comes back to you. I have had amazing experiences with this. (For instance one contact with a publisher that just seem set up by some higher force.)

So today as I was walking I said thanks for the fact that I am healthy, that I have two lovely dogs, that I have found what it is in life that I love doing (writing, in case you missed it!) and for this whole lovely birthday weekend and all my beautiful gifts and on and on…

To pay it forward I will donate money to a WSPA-project saving bears in Romania. After all those years living in Spain and seeing animals suffering in the streets I highly respect and support the organizations that care for animals.

What are you grateful about today?

Rescued bear at sanctuary in Romania.

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