Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oats are good for you(r baby)

I cannot handle my latte. Tragic, but true. I pour milk into my coffee-mug as if it were a bucket. This morning I had a visit with my acupuncturist and we got into discussing dietary changes to help improve general strength and boost fertility. (Yes, my husband and I have decided that we are baby-ready!) I was suggested to remove dairy from my diet. I wasn’t surprised. I have heard it from midwives and alternative practitioners before. But today the words sunk in. After an hour and a half of relaxing acupuncture I went to the store and got myself oat-milk. I was meaning to get soya-milk, but there was none left. After a look at the oat-milk pack I completely bought into this: 

Oats contain what your body needs: a balance of protein, carbohydrates and vegetable-based,unsaturated fats. Oats also contain a lot of fibre. In other words, they are good for both your stomach and your heart. No dairy, no soya.

Preparing my first dairy-free latte I was slightly worried that it wouldtaste like ****, but no need to worry. The taste is sweet and creamy. Not bad at all, actually.

Out with the milk - in with the baby!

Hälsogurus tycks vara överens- mejeriprodukter är inte bra. Jag, en inbiten latte-drickare, provar havredryck för att se om det kan ersätta mjölk i te och kaffe. Kors i taket, det smakar helt okej!

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