Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nostradamus- The Greatest Seer in History

I am doing something that I am really excited about. I am writing an article about Nostradamus, the great astrologer, doctor and magician. Although his famous book "Les Propheties" has been criticized for being vague, the book has never been out of print since his death. That´s one bestseller to talk about! I am really enjoying reading about this mysterious man and I am a bit curious about the books by Dolores Cannon; "Conversations with Nostradamus". In three books she is supposedly in contact with the spirit of Nostradamus who helps her to understand the right interpretation of some of the prophecies.

Jag skriver en artikel om Nostradamus och älskar det. Denne 1500-tals man som fortfarande idag får generation efter generation att fascineras över hans fyrradiga verser.

Estoy escribiendo un artículo sobre Nostradamus. Ese hombre mago que en 1555, entre muchas otras predicciónes, veía la llegada del hombre a la luna. Increíble!

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