Sunday, November 6, 2011

National Novel Writing Month

Right now, my first two parts of my trilogy are at a publisher´s office in the center of Stockholm. It is the publisher, if you know what I mean. Fortunately for me, this is also the publishing company that loved my story already a year ago and encouraged me to come back when I was finished with the second part. My confidence grew, of course. When a second publishing company called me and also loved my story, but wanted me to make major changes to the story, my confidence in my writing and my book-series grew once again. (And no, I am not ready to make any changes) When a third publishing company also let me know that they liked the story and sent it to editors for opinion, I knew I was probably onto something. Something good.

I love my story and I really recognized these clever words from author Bill Pullman:

“Novels that last and please readers are written because the novelist is intoxicated by the delight and the endlessly renewable joy that comes from engaging with imaginary characters –with story”
I found the sentence in a pep-talk letter Bill Pullman has written to the contestants in the National Novel Writing Month, taking place 1st-30th of November. (You still have 24 days to write that novel!)

I am busy enough writing the third part in my trilogy and, although I once wrote a children´s book for another contest in only three weeks, I didn´t feel that NaNoWriMo was my thing. But I loved reading the pep-talk letters by some of the world´s most successful authors. Where do ideas come from? What it the hardest part of writing? What do you do to avoid writers block? Yummy reading for any aspiring writer.
Redo att skriva en bok på 24 dagar? Det är just exakt det antal dagar du har på dig om du vill vara med i The National Novel Writing Month Jag kommer inte att vara med, ska ju klämma ur mig den tredje delen i min bokserie och har det fullt upp med att leta inspiration bland kompositörer från 1700-talet. Men för den som älskar att läsa goda råd från några av världens bäst säljande författare kan, som jag, få många goda råd i länken pep-talks.
Sabes expresarte en inglés? Suenas con escribir una novela propia? Entra en esta competición o simplemente disfruta de todos los consejos publicados por sabios escritores con éxito mundial.

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