Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What you think about, you bring about

Yup, goalsetting is good, good, good for you. I have been daydreaming about a publishing-contract for six years. I have envisioned it, seen myself receiving that call when someone announces that their company has decided to take a chance on my manuscript and feeling the sensation of joy when it happens. I will not stop until I hold that contract in my hand.

I have praticed the law of attraction for the past couple of years and it does work amazingly well. I have manifested lots of things; money (down to the penny), doors opening, networks, particular meetings and apartments. Some things takes longer, same go really quick.

One shouldn’t be shy when setting goals so here we go, here is my wishlist concering my books:

 1. Publishing-contract with a company that will do the best they can to help me fulfill my dream to become a fulltime writer.

 2. Appearing on the bestseller lists with several books at the same time.

 3.Happy, enthusiastic readers all over the world. (Meaning selling the rights to foreign countries.  Just for the heck of it, let´s say 35 different countries. Always better to be precise.)

 There! Now that’s what I call a wishlist in style. Should I add it to wishlist? 

Kindest regards,
Mrs Humble 

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