Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bella Swan´s Wedding Shoes from Manolo Blahnik

I have already told you about Bellas wedding dress from Carolina Herrera. (The dress is available at select Carolina Herrera boutiques for the bargain-price of plus 30 000 euros or as a replica by designer Alfredo Angelo. You find all the details in my previous post.)

But what about the shoes?
Well, it is not only Carrie Bradshaw that adores Spanish shoe-designer Manolo Blahnik. Manolo teamed up with Carolina Herrera to create Bella Swans wedding outfit and, boy, did he create a shoe worthy a true vampire-wedding!

Here are some more pictures from the wedding between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan: (Can´t help myself, they are simply so beautiful to look at that I could post them every day!)

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