Friday, May 10, 2013

Fat Cat Cottage by Marlene Stehr Markard

Marlene Stehr Markard has done it! With a sense of humor and a good portion of music she´s bound to be a children´s writer to keep an eye on. A former fellow lawyer based in New York that breaks loose and follows her heart down the creative path is always sure to impress me. Her stories about Tabby the cat (written for the ages five and up) are to be found at her webpage Fat Cat Cottage along with great imagery of Tabby. On the webpage you´ll also find amazing recordings available for download if you want to read along with classical musicians. A portion of all proceeds from downloading the songs goes to financial aid for New York families of childhood cancer patients. Go ahead and do yourself a kindness, download a piece of art while making a contribution at the same time.

Really curious and want to read more? Check out this article!

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