Monday, May 20, 2013

Hur man tjänar 1000 000 dollar genom att sälja e-böcker på Amazon

Jag skickar er genast vidare till Ryan Buckleys inspirerande blogg på :

"The numbers don't lie: Amazon now sells more eBooks than printed books. Kindle sales topped 1 million per week by the end of last year. More than 20% of publishing giant Random House's revenues last year were from digital sales.

Amazon is at the forefront of this publishing revolution. Through the Kindle eReader and the Kindle eBook store, it has given indie authors a platform to get published and gather an audience. As a $100-billion-plus market cap e-commerce juggernaut, Amazon already has a substantial user base (as per comScore, 282.2 million people visited in June 2011 – or roughly 20% of the total internet traffic). Coupled with high royalty rates (70% compared to 10-15% for traditional publishers), it is the perfect platform for a fledgling writer to make a living, and if fate agrees, even a fortune.

The path to becoming a Kindle millionaire isn’t easy, but it’s possible to tilt the odds in your favor by following best practices."Läs även detta: "This how-to post will look at general principles and lessons learned from real-world successes'.

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