Friday, January 27, 2012

Candy Buffet Wedding with Christian Louboutin heels

Yes, it is the big thing in the wedding-industry; the Candy Buffet Wedding. It is almost impossible to resist the bright colors, the lollipops and the white chocolate...  

The candy wedding can easily can be combined with colorful hair/-or shoe-accessories, such as these lovely shoes from Christian Louboutin (Meteorita, 140 Metall, leather sandals).
Mmm,sweet as candy, right!


  1. Det ser helt fantastiskt fint ut! Och en av dem som ska gifta sig tycks heta Ove! ;)

  2. Ha, ha! Så himla otippat, eller hur! :-)

  3. Vilka underbara skor! Lite svårt att gå i kanske, men vilka fantastiska sittskor :)


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