Monday, January 9, 2012

Vintage Wedding- Invitations from a time that once was

Many brides-to-be are loving the vintage themed wedding. There are countless ways of making them a reality, go for the jazzy 20´s, elegant 40´s or rock´n rolling 50´s.

While it might seem hard to find a real vintage dress, there are many designers out there doing their own versions of wedding dresses from a time that no longer is.

I am loving Once upon a time design. Have a look at the amazing gallery of lovable dresses for everything vintage-inspired. Just look at this 1950`s inspired vintage wedding. (Picture by TSL Photography)

I am a huge, huge fan of lace and when I last night stumbled upon the Josephine dress by talented Stephanie James Couture I was completely blown away. Isn´t it the greatest idea ever with the waist-band? It can come in any color you like and she ships over-seas.

Dolly Couture is another designer dedicated to making retro wedding dresses. This one is a real cutie:

Another beautiful, vintage inspired dress is Nerta from Elie Saab by Pronovias:

If you liked Elie Saab´s dress you´d probably like these lace-dresses from Lela Rose too:

Happy Vintage!

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